Speaking Out: Erasing the Stigmas Surrounding Mental Illness

May is National Mental Health Month, an important time of year where organizations, doctors, public figures, and everyday people put a spotlight on the dialogue surrounding mental health, the past and current narratives surrounding it, and what we can do to change.


While next month has great value, mental health and how society deals and reacts to it has be discussed year round. Recently, a lot of public figures have revealed their struggles which has allows fans and many others online to show support and share their own experiences. Last month, Cleveland Cavalier forward, Kevin Love opened up about his struggle to even reveal that he dealt with panic attacks.

Other athletes like Olympian Michael Phelps have discussed battles with things like depression and anxiety. To break the stigmas, people have to keep talking about it. Here are a few ways to get started on making a difference before, during, and after next month observance:

Offer Support

A great starting point is to be supportive. Make sure that the people around you know that you will listen to them and are trustworthy enough that they feel comfortable sharing what they’ve dealt with and could be currently dealing with.

Stop Negativity

If you hear someone talking about mental health in derogatory terms, correct them.

Advocate for Better Coverage and Health Practices

Many times certain medications to treat mental health issues aren’t completely covered by insurance. This makes it hard for people who aren’t able to work all the time because of their illness to pay for the medications they need. Asking your doctor include mental health assessments in their well-care visits not only benefits you but others patients who may not want to speak up.

The shame and social isolation that has been tied to mental illnesses makes it that much more difficult for those suffering to speak up and get the help they need. Take Flight is concerned with all things regarding your well-being. That includes mental health along with your physical and nutrition health.

We’re here to help and change the dialogue!


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