Social Media: Finding Fitness Inspiration vs. Fuel for Self-Hate


From Instagram to Facebook, images of fitness gurus, former classmates, celebrities, and friends can be both inspiration to get fit or thorns that poke holes in our self-esteem. The first step to a healthy use of social media is awareness.

We can scroll, like, and comment without being aware of the messages and ideas we allow to seep into our minds and self-behaviors. Take a moment in your admiration for others to make sure you’re not using those same feelings against yourself and your fitness journey. It’s been said before but it’s important to state that everyone’s journey will not be the same.

When looking for fitness inspiration, it’s important to follow people who are genuine and don’t promote messages that use fear and guilt to get their followers to lose weight or feel bad about themselves. You should be wary of people who promote certain substances like teas, vitamins, or other fitness hacks that act as shortcuts. It’s always important to check with your doctor before you take anything that can impact your body, especially your metabolism and desire to eat.

Seeing through the veil of social media is also a good way to stay grounded and fair to yourself. Every person behind an image has things they’re dealing with. If it comes down to it, unfollow accounts that seem to make you feel down about yourself. Your mental health is a critical part of your fitness journey.

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